Reconnect Distance Counselling

For Sentence Mitigation

Recognized by the Ontario Court Of Justice, ReConnect Distance Counselling works as an effective sentencing mitigation tool with benefits for clients and defence attorneys.

Translation Services are available.

ReConnect Distance Counselling

ReConnect Distance Counselling works with the defence team to provide information and analysis when a judge is trying to decide sentencing in a criminal case.

For almost 30 years, Ontario defence counsels have trusted Trish Scott and ReConnect Distance Counselling to be an effective sentencing mitigation tool.

​Recognized by the Ontario Court of justice, The Attorney General of Ontario, Victim Services and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

Recognized by Blue Cross, as a Service Provider.

Unmatched Experience & Commitment

Trish Scott, the Founding Principal and Clinical Director at ReConnect Distance Counselling has almost 30 years of experience working with Criminal Defence Attorneys and their clients within the Ontario Criminal Justice System.


Trish Scott and her team have the personal warmth and non-judgemental approach to connect meaningfully with clients and provide reports which can have an impact on the sentencing decision.


With almost 30 years of experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist, Trish Scott understands the complex psychosocial factors behind criminal or antisocial behaviour, allowing her and her team to provide in-depth analysis and reports.


Programs are customized to the specific needs of each client and are a combination of insight-oriented work combined with a cognitive behavioural approach. Every program includes a Letter of Acceptance and a Completion Report for sentence mitigation. Interpreter services are available.

Practice Areas

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Offences committed against an intimate partner, or other individuals within a domestic setting.

Sexual Assault

Sexual violence, which can include rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, groping and child sexual abuse as well as historical allegations.


Contravening The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; possession, trafficking, exportation and production of controlled substances. Also DUI and being under the influence.


Violent Criminal Code violations include: homicide, attempted murder, assault, robbery, uttering threats, and other violent violations.


Harassment, alarm or distress or other unacceptable activity that causes harm to an individual or the community.


Delinquency and Status Offences dealt with by the juvenile courts and criminal behaviour dealt with by the criminal justice system.


Stalking and Cyber bullying. Revenge Porn. Publishing intimate images of a person without consent.

Our Team




    Trish Scott HSC RP has over 30 years of experience working as a Human Services Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Most of her clients have been involved in the Ontario Criminal Justice System.

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    • ReConnect Distance Counselling works as an effective negotiating and sentencing mitigation tool and with therapeutic results. The combination of the course content, exceptional CV and report writing skills provide counsel with the tools to negotiate the most positive outcomes or sentences. It is not unusual to have a sentencing court say "the most important mitigating factor is the report from ReConnect Counselling". As the client gains insight, balance and grounding they become a much better and more credible witness.

      Charles Barhydt, Defence Attorney & Barrister

    • I have sent clients to ReConnect Distance Counselling in the past and will unhesitatingly send them in the future. Trish does superb work. She is compassionate and has a keen sense and unique understanding of the human condition. She guides clients towards self realization and I have seen the trajectory of people's lives change after sessions with her. This is not an exaggeration. She demands a lot from her clients and is not easily duped. She provides excellent and honest reports that I have used to great advantage in a number of criminal cases.

      Paul K. Mergler, Barrister & Solicitor